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First, thank you all for taking the time to read my story. It sure has been a roller coaster. The ride is far from over.

Today the first chapter of a cross over story written by my amazing friend has been released. This first chapter contains a small spoiler on what is coming up in my story in two days, but it is not a major spoiler. I mean, we all know that Andy doesn’t do his own dirty work. He has people who do it for him. So who does Andy have looking for his son-in-law? Well, this will answer that AND give you a peak into whether or not they were able to find Philip.

As The Sims World Turns

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5:32 Back To Your Heart

07-27-19_11-17-10 PM

Shelby watched the boys go off with Nakusa. She was grateful to her sister for keeping an eye on them while she talked to their dad.

She tapped on his office door. “Daddy?”

07-27-19_11-18-53 PM

Andy looked up and smiled. “Hi, Princess. I didn’t know you were coming over today. Where are the boys?”

“They are with  Nakusa. I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Andy could see that something was bothering her. “Come on in. I always have time to talk with you.”

07-27-19_11-19-30 PM

Shelby sat in one of the chairs and bit her lip. She thought about what Shawn had told her.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you took over for Uncle Daniel?”

Andy wasn’t sure what to say at first. He had worked hard to keep that from the kids and the rest of the family.

“Shawn told you, didn’t he?”

Shelby nodded.

“Your grandfather told me that he is Daniel’s grandson. I’m not surprised that he knew.”

Andy looked at his daughter and sighed.

“I’ve done things I’m not proud of doing, Shelby. That is why I never told you.”

“I know you would never do anything without a good reason. I know you, Daddy. You are a good man.”

07-27-19_11-21-33 PM

He was glad that she didn’t think bad about him now. “What were you needing, Princess? I’m pretty sure it has something to do with this conversation.”

Shelby nodded and told her dad about the phone call she had. “I really think it was Philip, Daddy.”

He listened to her and thought about the lack of progress made by the military before they declared him dead. 

“You want me to see if I can find out anything?”

She nodded. “I don’t know what else to do, Daddy. I really do believe it is him calling me. He is still alive and for some reason he can’t come home.”

Andy nodded. “I’ll see if I can find out anything, Princess. I need the phone number he has been calling from.”

Shelby wrote down the number for him. 

“I promise I will do everything I can to get him home to you, Princess.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

5:31 Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

07-27-19_10-28-51 PM

Shelby was talking to Shawn as the three toddlers played together.

“My friend, Kaitlyn, just got back to town. You really should meet her. She’s really sweet and pretty.”

He looked at her suspiciously. “Are you trying to hook me up with your friend?”

She grinned when he asked. “Why would I do something like that?”

“Because you want to see your friends all be happy.”

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“Usually, no. You need to be happy also, Shelby.”

She looked at him frowning a bit. “What makes you think that I’m not happy?”

“Your eyes. There’s always a sadness in them. I am going to assume it is because of your husband.”

07-27-19_10-29-23 PM

He had barely gotten the words out when her phone rang. She looked at the ID and quickly answered it.



“Philip? Is this you? You are breaking up.”


The line went dead, and Shelby put the phone down.

07-27-19_10-29-41 PM

Shawn had sat and listened to her side of the call. He watched the hope on her face when she answered the call, and the sadness when she hung up.

“Have you had these calls before?”

She nodded. “Only once. It sounds like him, but it’s really bad. It’s also coming from the location where his helicopter went down. He says my name when he calls. I know it’s him, Shawn. I know it is. Something is keeping him from being able to come home. Now that the military has declared him dead, they aren’t even looking for him.”

“Have you asked your father to look for him?”

Shebly frowned and shook her head. “Why would I ask my dad? He’s a real estate developer, not a cop.”

07-27-19_10-29-54 PM

Shawn realized that she did not know who her father truly was. Normally, he would not tell her, but in this case, he felt that it would be more beneficial for her to know.

“Shelby, your father took over for his uncle. He is the head of the mob family now.”

Shelby shook her head. She didn’t want to believe that, but then she started to think about it. She remembered all of the private meetings her father had with Uncle Daniel and the other guys.

“How do you know this about my father?”

“My mother told me. She knows Daniel well. Very well actually. Daniel is my grandfather.”

5:30 Un Dia Llegara

07-27-19_7-56-20 PM

Shelby watched the kids playing together. Devin had been here for a week now. She enjoyed having him so it wasn’t much of a problem. He was a good kid and really smart. She just didn’t understand how his parents could just abandon him like they did.

She looked at her son and smiled. She loved him so much. She could never think of just walking away from him. They had a rough start together, but that was not his fault. Now things were great. Now that Devin was with them, things were even better. Campbell had someone to play with when the other kids had gone home.

She watched the boys hug and smiled. The two had become friends almost instantly which was great. She just worried what would happen when Devin’s parents were found. She didn’t want Campbell to lose a friend and she was afraid that would be what would happen.

07-27-19_9-59-19 PM

She heard the knock on the door and smiled when she saw who was on the other side. She quickly opened it and hugged her old high school friend.


Kaitlyn followed her inside the house. 

“I just got back to town. You are my first stop. My parents do not even know I am back yet.”

07-27-19_10-00-04 PM

She looked around and saw the two boys.

“Mom said you only had one child. Who is the other one?”

Shelby told her about Devin and what was going on. 

“That is crazy. Parents like that really shouldn’t be parents at all. I am glad he is with you and being cared for.”

5:29 Voce Existe Em Mim

07-25-19_2-21-15 PM

Shelby looked at the clock then back at the little boy who was playing with Campbell. His parents should have been here a few hours ago to pick him up.

She tried to call for the third time and finally was able to get ahold of someone. After talking to the person for several minutes she frowned. Why would someone drop a child off and give the wrong contact information on the paperwork? Something wasn’t right.

She called the police and explained to them what was going on. She then decided to feed the kids dinner while she waited for the police and social worker to arrive.

07-25-19_2-25-56 PM

She put the two boys to bed and was glad that her father still had Kyle’s toddler bed. He had brought it over after the social worker left.

She went back downstairs to where her father was waiting. “They both fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows.”

Andy looked at his daughter a bit worried. He remembered how overwhelmed she had seemed to be when Campbell was first born. He didn’t want to see her like that again.

“Are you going to be okay with the two of them? I can stay if you think you need the help.”

“We’ll be find, Dad. Thank you for offering though. I’m sure Kyle and Grandpa need you at home.”

“If you need anything, call immediately.”

Shelby nodded. “It’s only temporary, Dad. Just until they can find his parents.”

“Hopefully then find them soon. It doesn’t seem like anybody in charge has much luck finding people.”

Shelby closed her eyes and sighed. 

Andy saw her reaction and frowned. “I’m sorry, Princess. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s okay, Dad. You are right. We just have to faith that both do their jobs and everybody is found.”

5:28 Just A Friend

07-25-19_1-11-08 PM

Shawn stood at the door holding Clare. He looked back at Shelby wanting to ask her something before he left.

“We had a great time today. Your family is very kind.”

Shelby smiled and nodded. “They are wonderful. Thank you for coming and bring Clare over to play with Campbell.”

“She enjoys playing with him. I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner and maybe a movie with me tomorrow night? Just us. I can find a sitter for the kids.”

07-25-19_1-12-08 PM

She bit her lip and shook her head. “I’m sorry, Shawn. I can’t. It wouldn’t be right. I’m married.”

That was surprising news to him. “Oh. I thought…I never see…I’m sorry. Just forget I asked.”

Shelby could see that he was now confused and felt the need to explain. 

“Philip is in the army. He has been away for a few years now. The army did have him classified as missing in action after his helicopter was shot down. They declared him dead last week, but they have no proof of it. I still believe he is out there somewhere, alive, and for some reason is unable to come home.”

Shawn listened then nodded. “I hope he finds his way home soon. You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy.”

She gave him a small smile. “So do you, Shawn.”

She saw Clare yawn as she laid her head on her father’s shoulder.

“You should probably get her to bed. It looks like she is ready to drift off right now.” 

Shawn nodded. “We’ll see you in the morning when I drop her off.”

Shelby nodded and smiled. “Sweet dreams to you both.”

07-25-19_1-13-20 PM

She shut and locked the door after they left. She closed her eyes and sighed. “Philip, you need to come home. Things are starting to get confusing and hard her without you.”


She opened her eyes and looked at Campbell. “Are you ready for your bath?”

She picked up her son and carried him upstairs to get him ready for bed.

5:27 Chicken Fried

07-25-19_12-20-34 PM

Shelby sat in the lounge chair relaxing and watching the activity around her. Campbell was playing with Clare. Nekusa was talking to Shawn. Her dad was manning the grill. 

She smiled when her grandfather sat down beside her. 

“How are you doing, Grandpa?”

He shrugged. “I have my good and my bad days. I miss your grandfather a lot.”

“We all do, but I can imagine that you miss him more than all of us”

Wanting to change the subject, Patrick looked at his granddaughter.

“How are you and Campbell doing? He seems to have made himself a new friend.”

Shelby smiled as she watched the toddlers play. 

“That’s Clare, the neighbor’s daughter. I watch her while he works. The two have gotten to be good friends.”

Patrick looked at her and smiled. 

07-25-19_12-22-41 PM

“And just how friendly have you and the neighbor gotten?”

Shelby shook  her head.

“We are friends, Grandpa. He’s someone to talk to. That is all. I’m married. Don’t forget that.”

Patrick could see that she hadn’t given up on Philip yet and that made him happy.

5:26 Hello

07-24-19_12-08-34 PM

Shelby looked around the house and didn’t find Campbell anywhere. She grabbed her phone and called her dad while she kept searching.

“Daddy, I’ve lost him. I can’t find Campbell. I have looked all over the house and he isn’t here.”

07-24-19_12-12-51 PM

She ran outside calling for him after her dad said he would be right over.

“Campbell? Where are you?”

She was getting ready to call the police when she heard him.


“You looking for this little guy?”

07-24-19_12-17-24 PM

Shelby looked at her neighbor’s fence and saw him holding her son. She took him from the man and cuddled him close.

“You had me scared to death. Don’t wander off like that.”

She looked at her neighbor. “Thank you so much. I’m sorry if he was bothering you.”

07-24-19_12-19-54 PM

The man shook his head. “He was no bother. I’m sorry he scared you. He followed my daughter’s cat over and they were playing together. I thought you knew he was here.”

He held his hand out to her. “I’m Shawn. We’ve met a few times since I moved in last week. You watch my daughter while I’m at work.”

Shelby looked at the little girl playing in the yard and smiled. “Clare’s father. Always in a rush when you drop her off and tired when you pick her up.”

He laughed and nodded. “That’s me. The single dad trying to raise a little girl alone. I never realized how expensive kids clothes have gotten to be.”

She rolled her eyes just thinking about it. “I know. Most of what Campbell wears had once belonged to my little brother.  I refuse to pay $60 for a pair of pants the kid is just going to wet then be changed.”

5:25 Bad Day

07-23-19_5-53-53 PM

Shelby cleaned up from lunch and checked on the toddlers. She hadn’t realized how hard this job was going to be. She only had four toddlers in the house and she was already feeling the stress. She was actually considering hiring someone to help. The problem was money. She didn’t have much of it.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to take on more kids than she had unless she hired someone. She picked up the phone and called her dad.

07-23-19_5-56-56 PM

Andy sat at the table with Shelby while Campbell played nearby.

“It would only be a loan, Dad. I will pay you back each week until it is paid off.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Yes, I do. I won’t take money from you unless you allow it to be paid back. I am trying really hard to do this on my own. Since I don’t have anything to put up for collateral, the bank refused my loan request.”

“You still have a place at the house, Shelby. You know that.”

“Dad, don’t. Please. I am really trying to do things on my own for me and my son. I know you are always there if I need you to fall back on, and I appreciate it. I just can’t rely on you forever. All of this with Philip…and now Grandpa…has shown that people aren’t always going to be there. I need to be an adult and do this.”

Shelby thought about her Grandpa Owen and how he had been there for her when she really needed someone. She still couldn’t believe that he was no longer there. While they were on their way home from that fake funeral, her grandfather had collapsed and died of a heart attack.

Andy looked down at the table and sighed. He really missed his father and losing him had been a shock. 

Shelby saw the look on her dad’s face and knew she shouldn’t have mentioned her grandfather.

“Now that you have Grandpa Patrick living with you, I don’t think you need me and Campbell there full time. Just visits make him tired.”

Andy nodded. “You are probably right. We’ll do this the way you want. You can pay me back when you are able to. I won’t rush you on it.”

5:24 Never Knew Lonely

07-22-19_12-18-45 PM

Shelby did exactly as she said she would do. She attended the farce of a funeral and pretended to be the grieving wife. She held Campbell on her lap to keep him from running around. Her father sat beside her and her sister sat on the other side. Philip’s parents were sitting beside Nakusa.

She knew her father was not happy about any of this. He didn’t think she should attend this fake funeral, but didn’t try talking her out of it. He knew how stubborn she could be about things and this was no different. 

When they handed her the flag, she accepted it. She would later give it to Philip’s mother if she would accept it. She knew that his parents did not believe he was dead any more than she did. 

07-22-19_12-20-51 PM

She was glad when it was over and they could go back to the car. She ignored the news cameras as she hurried to the car. She kept Campbell’s face in her neck so the camera’s couldn’t get a good shot of him.

She could feel him wiggling to get down. As soon as they were at the car, she climbed into the backseat and her father shut the door quickly. She got Campbell strapped into his car seat while her father and sister got into the front seats.

“Please just go straight to the house, Daddy. Philip’s parents are going to meet us there.”

Andy drove straight to the house. He pulled straight into the garage so the media couldn’t get any pictures. As soon as he heard Philip’s parents’ car, he opened the second garage door so they could pull in.

07-22-19_1-17-32 PM

Once everybody was in the house, Andy just shook his head.

“That was completely ridiculous. How could they do this? I think they know something and are just covering their asses.”

Shelby looked at her father.

“Do you think they did something to Philip?”

Andy shook his head. “I don’t know. Something isn’t right, though. They know something. Something they aren’t telling anybody.”

“How can we find out what is going on?”

Andy looked at Philip’s father. “I will do some research and see what I can find.”