5:1 Georgia On My Mind

06-29-19_1-29-39 AM

Shelby put down her fork and ran to the bathroom. When she came out, her father was waiting outside the door.

“You have been sick all week. I called the doctor and made you an appointment.” He handed her a bag from the pharmacy. “Just in case you are curious before tomorrow’s appointment.”

Shelby looked in the bag. She had not even thought of that being a possibility. Her and Philip had only spent the one night together before he left for basic training. Their wedding night. He had left the next morning.

She gave her dad a big hug. “Thank you, Daddy. I will actually do this now. Just please don’t stand outside the door. That is weird.”

06-29-19_1-40-07 AM

Andy looked up at his daughter when she came into the living room. He saw her give a small nod and smiled.

“You should call Philip.”

Shelby shook her head and sat down beside her dad. “I don’t want to tell him on the phone. He is almost finished with basic training. I will be seeing him soon. I will tell him him.”

06-29-19_1-42-29 AM

She looked over at her dad. “Please don’t tell anyone else. Philip should be the next to know.”

Andy nodded and agreed. “I won’t say a word. I promise.”

Shelby put her hand on her stomach and smiled. This hadn’t been in the plans, but she was happy. She hoped Philip would be also.

“It’s a good thing your sister is at school.”

Shelby had to agree. “If she knew, the entire world would know by now. That girl cannot keep a secret.”

9 thoughts on “5:1 Georgia On My Mind

  1. I must have missed something. I didn’t know they were married. I thought the pictures were from prom night. With the luck of this family something will happen before she gets to tell him she is pregnant.
    Did they ever find out if Andy is the dad of his ex’s baby? Shelby may be raising two babies, her’s and her mom’s.

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    1. The wedding happened off scene. I had planned it as a chapter but my computer was being an ass. It was planned to just be a really quick one the night before he left for basic training anyway.
      We will be finding out about the kid Cara is knocked up with soon.


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