4:67 Beat It


Daniel sat with his nephew talking about the news article. “Your great-grandfather would be very proud of the man you have become. I knew I had made the right decision when I asked you to take my place instead of Antonio.”

06-26-19_5-35-13 PM

Andy did not like being compared to his cousin. Especially when one came out better than the other. “Anthony is a good man. He has been a big help to me. He would have been a good choice.”

Daniel shook his head. “He does not have the heart to do what needs to be done.”

“He does. He helped find…”

06-26-19_5-35-56 PM

“I know he helped. But do you believe the outcome would have been the same if he had been in your shoes?”

Andy shook his head. “That is not something we could know. He has never been faced with what I have. He has only experienced it as an observer.”

Daniel nodded and smiled. Now his nephew understood. “When you dealt with the man who hurt your children, I knew that you had it in you to do whatever it takes to protect the family. Anthony has never faced that test.”

“I hope he never has to.” Andy knew the experiences had changed him.

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