4:66 Jack & Diane

06-15-19_5-19-06 PM

Andy stood facing Slade. His men had finally found him and brought him to the arranged meeting place.

“You are a hard man to find.”

“Not hard enough apparently.”

06-15-19_5-21-48 PM

Andy moved closer to him. “You are in no position to make jokes.”

He stepped back when the guy tried to spit on him.

“That’s not very nice. I invited you up here for a nice chat and this is how you act?”

He gave the man a soft pat on the cheek before punching him with enough force to double him over.

He looked at one of his men. “Did you get it from him?”

After being assured they had it recorded and tucked into his pocket with copies sent to a few key people, Andy nodded.

“Good job. Your bonuses will be in the bank by morning.”

He grabbed Slade’s throat forcing him to stand eye to eye with him.

“You took something very important from me. You took my girl and my son. For that you will pay.”

“Jail won’t stop me from coming after you. I know you have two daughters. One is about to turn 18 isn’t she? Shelby, right? And she has a little sister who just became a teenager. Maybe I should be the one who turns them both into women. I bet they are as hot in bed as their mother.”

06-15-19_5-30-13 PM

Andy felt his grip tightening around the guys throat. “You will never touch another person I love.”

He felt the hand on his wrist. He released the guy and backed up several steps.

He turned and headed for the door. “You guys know what to do.”

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