4:61 Evermore

06-07-19_5-11-53 PM

Andy sat with Cara having one of their regular visits to talk about the girls. They did this every couple weeks so they could share stories about what the girls were doing.

“Shelby was asking me questions about Reuben yesterday.”

“We had talked about him a few days ago. I told her a little about him.”

“I showed her some pictures of him. I hadn’t looked at the pictures in years.”

06-07-19_5-14-34 PM

“It’s still hard to think about him sometimes.”

Cara nodded and wiped at her cheek. “Life hasn’t been fair to us, has it?”

Andy thought about losing his best friend to suicide, his stepfather and grandmother to a drunk driver, and his girlfriend being murdered.

“Not really. It has thrown us some challenges. It has given us some good also though.”

“Our daughters.”

Andy smiled thinking about them. “They are the best things that ever happened to us.”

Cara had to agree. “I think you are pretty great too.”

He looked at her and gave a small smile. “You aren’t too bad either, but you have your moments.
“So do you.” She leaned toward him to kiss his cheek, but he turned his head.

06-07-19_5-30-18 PM



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