4:58 Bang Bang

06-01-19_10-20-05 AM

Andy had been trying all morning to reach Zalia with no luck. He was getting pretty worried. She always answered his calls and returned his messages. Today, she wasn’t doing either.

“Annette, I’m going to check on a property. I should be back in an hour.”

He got in his truck and headed for Zalia’s house.”

06-01-19_11-46-16 AM

He pulled into the driveway and saw her car in the open garage. That was strange. She never left the garage open.

He got out of his car an walked over to hers. He saw the flat tire.

He noticed that the door to the house was partially open.

“Zalia?” He pushed the door further open with his elbow and called for her again. He could see furniture tipped over and things broken and scattered around the house.

He didn’t know if the person who had done this was still in the house or not and didn’t want to alert them. He sent a text to Annette.

“Call 911. Have cops sent to 946 Woodlawn Ave. It looks like a break in.”

He quietly moved through the house being careful not to touch anything. He needed to find Zalia. He sent another text to her phone and heard it ding in the bedroom.

06-01-19_11-51-13 AM

He slowly pushed open the bedroom door. He found Zalia. She laid naked on the bed. Her feet were tied together. A gag had been put in her mouth. A cord was wrapped tight enough around her neck that it was cutting into her skin.

He quickly sent another text to Annette. “Have them send an ambulance.”

He knew in his heart that it was too late for an ambulance. He didn’t want to give up hope that they could perform a miracle and save her. He didn’t want to admit that the woman he loved was taken from him and that she would never be coming back.

He heard the sirens and knew he should probably wait for them outside. He didn’t want to leave her there alone.

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