4:57 Stingy

06-01-19_9-19-57 AM

Cara watched the group in the pool. She had come to spend time with her kids since it was Nakusa’s birthday. Instead she had to watch the man she loved make a fool of himself with a girl who was barely older than their daughter.

She had known they were seeing each other. She saw him going into the girl’s house all the time. It was hard to miss when the girl lived right next door. She knew he spent many nights at the girl’s house. There was no way he could claim that he was jut the landlord checking on the house. Even she wasn’t that stupid.”

06-01-19_9-26-03 AM

“Mom, come swim with us.”

Cara looked at her youngest daughter and smiled. “Not today, darling. I’m not feeling very well.”

06-01-19_9-27-16 AM

Andy heard her and climbed out of the pool. He walked over to the table where Cara had been sitting. “What’s wrong? Do you need to go inside and lay down? I can have someone drive you home.”

She shook her head. “It’s just a little headache. I’ll be fine.”

She finally had his attention on her, where it should have always been. She was the one that spent ten years of her life taking care of him. She was the one that gave him two beautiful daughters. What was he getting from that child aside from a roll in the hay every night?”

06-01-19_9-27-45 AM

She looked toward the pool and saw that both her daughters were focused on a conversation with the little tramp.

Not only had the little bitch taken her man, now she was also taking her kids. There was no way in hell Cara was going to let that happen.

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