4:56 Second Face

05-31-19_3-27-25 PM

“Dad, can we talk?”

Andy looked at his daughter then put down the papers he had been looking at. He could see that something was bothering her.

“Sure, Princess. You know you can talk to me any time.”

05-31-19_3-28-58 PM

Shelby sat down in one of the chairs in her father’s home office.

“I know you are dating Zalia.”

Andy wasn’t sure how she had found out. They had been trying to keep things quiet for now. “Does it bother you that I am dating your friend.”

“No. You are both adults. And the past few months you have been happier than I ever remember seeing you.”

“Then what has you so upset?”

“Her ex-boyfriend, Slade. He is not a nice guy. He sent a guy to the hospital just for saying hello to her. They had already broken up.”

05-31-19_3-49-30 PM

“And you are afraid he will come after me?” When he saw her nod, he moved around the desk to sit beside her.

“Princess, you don’t have to worry about me. I am not afraid of a little boy who wants  a toy he can’t have. He can’t hurt me. I promise.”

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