4:53 Little Miss Single

05-28-19_3-21-54 AM

Andy had one of his men find out what he could about Zalia and her husband. The information was not what he expected.

He looked through the file of information a second time. She had lied to him.

She had told him that she had a husband, but she had never been married. The information did list a man who may be a boyfriend though. His man was trying to dig up information about him.

05-28-19_3-27-42 AM

He turned the page and examined the picture of her and the other man. They seemed to be arguing about something. While that could be a good sign, he also knew not to to get too excited about it. Him and Cara had fought for years before they broke up. This could just be an argument about a broken sink.

He put the file inside his desk then turned on his computer. He pulled up the web site for the flowers. He remembered what his daughter said as he selected the flowers that would be delivered every day for the rest of the week.

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