4:52 I Think She Likes Me

05-27-19_3-49-06 PM

Andy knew it was a risk, but there was something about the woman. He couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“Shelby, could I get your help with something?”

Shelby looked over at his laptop. “Flowers? I don’t think I remember you ever getting anybody flowers before.”

“That is why I need your help. I don’t know which ones to order.”

05-27-19_3-53-57 PM

She sat down beside her dad. “Tell me about her. She has to e someone pretty special if you are getting her flowers.”

“She is. Or at least I think she is. I only met her  one time but she left a big impression.”

He told her about the woman he had met the day before and most of the conversation. He left off the part about her being married. He knew she wouldn’t approve of that.

Shelby watched her dad as he talked. She knew that he dated…a lot. She had never seen him like this about any of the women though. She thought it was really cute and about time. She wanted to see her father happy and settled.

She pointed to one of the mixed flower bouquets. 

“Those ones. They are not over the top. It will get her attention without being obnoxious.”

He thanked her for helping and ordered the flowers she had chosen.

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