4:51 Beautiful Bad Girl

05-27-19_1-55-43 PM

Andy was working on the house he had found for Cara when he heard the knock on the door. 

“Come on in. The door is open.”

Zalia walked in and saw the guy on the ladder painting a wall. “I’m sorry to bother you. I just rented the house next door. I was told that I could pick the keys up here.”

He got off the ladder and sat the paint brush down. He turned to look at the woman and was blown away. He couldn’t remember ever seeing anybody as beautiful as she was.

He walked over to the table where he had sat several sets of keys. Each were labeled with the address to the house it belonged to.

05-27-19_2-01-23 PM

“Sorry. I have a few people picking up keys today.”

He picked up the keys for the house next door and handed them to her.

“I checked the house this morning and everything seemed to be good. If you find any problems, you can find the number for the maintenance on the paper I left on the kitchen counter.”

“Thank you. It sure is great of Mr. Maynard to take care of his tenants like this. I hope he takes care of his employees also.”

Andy could see that she had no clue who he was. Antonio took care of finding tenants for the homes.

“The employees are very well provided for. Good work is well rewarded in this company.

“Mr. Maynard must be a great guy to work for.”

“I haven’t heard any complaints yet.” He held his hand out to her. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Andrew Maynard.”

05-27-19_2-04-00 PM

He watched her cheeks turn red and thought that made her look even more beautiful.

“I thought the guy who showed the house…I’m sorry. I must have sounded like such an idiot.”

“Not at all. The man who showed the house is my cousin, Antonio. He handles the rentals while I handle the rest.

“It is very nice to meet you, Mr. Maynard. I should get back over to my place. I have a lot of unpacking to do.”

“if you need anything, I will be here for a few more hours.”

She nodded and headed for the door.

05-27-19_2-04-58 PM

“Maybe we could grab something to eat together. You probably don’t have food over there yet.”

She shook her head. “Thank you, but I don’t think my husband would approve.”

He watched her leave and sighed. He should have known that a woman like her wouldn’t be single.

He picked up the paint brush and climbed back up the ladder. This was the last room to paint and he wanted to get it finished.

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