4:49 Black Shades

05-23-19_8-56-56 PM

Andy looked at the guys in front of him. Until recently, they had all worked for his uncle. Now they all worked for him. He was trying to decide what he was going to have them all do.

A few of the guys were going onto the crews. He had already talked to those guys. The rest of the guys were a bit tougher to place. They weren’t exactly the construction type.

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He looked at his uncles. “I am going to keep a few of the guys with you.”

Daniel looked at his nephew. “You are the boss now. We will do whatever you want.”

That was going to be weird. He knew which three guys were Daniel’s closest guys and told them to stay with his uncles.

05-23-19_8-59-01 PM

He then looked at his cousin, Antonio. “You will be working with me as my business consultant.”

Antonio was happy with that. He would help in any way he was needed.

Anthony looked at his nephew. “You take care of my son. Protect him.”

Antonio rolled his eyes.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Anthony. Antonio will be working in the office.”

He could understand his uncle being worried. Andy and Antonio were the last two Corleonesi males of the family. Antonio was the last to carry the name.

“Antonio will be well protected. You have my word.”

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