4:45 Fishin’ In The Dark

05-13-19_8-31-47 PM

Andy hung up the phone thinking about the phone call he had. It hadn’t been one he had expected. He knew what he needed to do.

“Shelby, can you come here please?”

Shelby heard her dad call for her and went to find him. “Daddy? Where are you?” 

When she didn’t hear an answer, she called out again. “Marco…”


She giggled as she went into the garage. “Hi, Daddy.”

Andy put down the box he had been looking through. “Hi, Sweetpea. I need you to do me a really big favor.”

He explained to her what he needed her to do then sent her to her room to do it.”

05-13-19_9-41-23 PM

Shelby got out of the car and looked around.

“When you said we were going on a trip for the weekend, I thought you meant somewhere fun.”

Andy looked at his oldest daughter and smiled. “I bet you have more fun than you think you will.”

Shelby wasn’t sure about that but didn’t argue about it. She helped carry their things into the cabin.

05-13-19_10-29-53 PM

“Uncle Daniel!”

Shelby ran over and gave him a big hug.

Daniel hugged the girl. “There’s my two favorite girls.”

He looked at Andy and smiled. “I know you have something to do. I will help the girls get settled.”

Andy looked at his daughters. “You two listen to your uncle. When I get back we will eat dinner.”

He left to take care of the reason they were here.

7 thoughts on “4:45 Fishin’ In The Dark

  1. Since Carter is suppose to be dead, or is he, that only leaves one person, Cara. Andy doesn’t have it on him to hurt her physically, does he? I am not sure. If I had a child I think I could kill someone, even of it was someone I love or use to love.

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