4:41 Whiskey Lullaby

05-04-19_11-01-20 PM

“Have you talked to Andy today?””

Patrick shook his head. “He’s not answering his calls or texts.”

“His assistant said he missed a meeting this morning also.”

That did not sound good.

“I will go check on him. Do you want Kenya to come stay with you and the girls until I get back?”

Owen shook his head. “We’ll be okay.”

05-04-19_11-02-43 PM

Patrick was gone a couple hours before going home. “He’s not home. Tayler said he left the house the same time he leaves for work.”

“But he never showed up at work.” Owen didn’t like that they didn’t know where their son was.  “I will make some calls and see if anybody has seen him.

05-04-19_11-15-22 PM

Patrick was really worried about Andy. He remembered how depressed he had been when his friend died and when his girlfriend left him.

He also knew how angry Andy had been at the hospital and after court the day before.

They had all hoped the girls would be going home with their father, but the judge wanted more time to look over everything and make a decision. A new court date had been set for the following week. For now the girls were still with Owen and Patrick.

“I am going to look for him. I will call you when I find him.”

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