4:40 Show Me Where It Hurts

05-04-19_9-26-57 PM

They made Andy, Patrick, and Owen wait in the waiting room while they examined the girls. Andy wanted to be with them, but understood why they needed to talk to the girls alone.

Owen sat down beside him. “Have you met this guy?”

Andy nodded. “He was part of the gang when we were in high school. They dated before I had met them.”

They sat talking and waiting. They weren’t very surprised when the cops showed up. They took Andy to a room to talk to him.

05-04-19_9-36-36 PM

When they returned to the waiting room, the girls were sitting with their grandfathers and a woman who said that she was from Child Protective Services.

“Mr. Maynard, I have paperwork for you. I will be taking custody of your daughters.”

Andy looked at the girls then back at the woman. “Why? I didn’t do this to them. I would never hurt them.”

“I understand that and the girls said the same. But I am required by law to take custody of them. A judge will hear the case on Monday and decide what is best for the girls.”

Owen looked at his sleepy granddaughter sitting on the floor. “Can they come home with me? I am their grandfather.”

The woman looked through her paperwork then nodded.

“You were actually first on my list to call. They can go with you, but their parents will not be allowed visits until the judge has okayed it.”

As long as the girls were with family he could trust, he would agree to stay away. He looked at the woman. “Is it okay if I give them hugs before we are separated?”

05-04-19_9-40-54 PM05-04-19_9-41-59 PM

She nodded and watched as he hugged the girls.

Patrick looked at Andy and could see how much his heart was breaking. “I will help you get the car seat moved to my car.”

05-04-19_9-43-24 PM

They walked to the parking garage.

“Are you okay?”

Andy shook his head. “Not even close.”

This is what Patrick was worried about. “Do you want me to send your brother to stay with you?”

Andy shook his head. “Tayler and Brice live next door. I’ll be fine.”

“Just please don’t do anything stupid.”

“I’ll be fine. You and Dad just take care of my girls.”

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