4:39 Alyssa Lies

05-03-19_10-18-48 PM

After spending the day with his father, Andy was getting the girls ready for bed. He had Nakusa in the bath while Shelby played with the dog.

He was washing the toddler when she suddenly pulled away from him and started to cry.

“What’s wrong, baby girl?”

He took a good look at her and frowned.

“Shelby? Can you come in here please?”

05-03-19_10-20-40 PM

Shelby put the dog toy down and went into the bathroom. “Yes, Daddy?”

“Where did your sister get these bruises from?”

“She had an accident in her pants and it made Carter mad.”

Andy was furious but trying to keep calm around the girls. He didn’t want to upset them.

“Come over here closer please, Shelby.” Once she was near him, he checked her for bruises.

05-03-19_10-24-58 PM

After getting Nakusa dressed, he called his Papa and had him meet them at the hospital. He hated calling him though. He had been staying with his dad to make sure he was okay. His dad didn’t need this added stress.

He got the kids into the car and headed to the hospital.

6 thoughts on “4:39 Alyssa Lies

  1. Andy is sweet. I wonder how nice he will be when he approaches this subject with Carter.
    Speaking from experience, some parents do not care about their children at all. As long as they get their next fix they will sell their flesh and blood. They could care less about their child.
    I think Cara cares about her children. I just hope Carter does not have her so fooled she doesn’t listen when Andy tells her. If so, Andy’s family or Andy may just eliminate Carter all together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We will learn what happens with Carter and Cara over the next few chapters.
      This is going to have some lasting effects in the relationship between Andy and Cara.


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