4:38 Poker Face

05-03-19_9-19-43 PM

Cara opened the door and hugged Andy. She had gotten the call for his assistant about what happened. “Are you okay?”

He stepped back from her. “Not really. Are the girls ready to go?”

“Almost. They were putting their toys away.” She stepped back so he could come inside.

He saw the boyfriend watching them.


He wanted to wipe the smile of Carter’s face but didn’t. This wasn’t the time or place.

“I’m sorry to hear about your step-father and grandmother.”


05-03-19_9-21-53 PM

He held his arms out to Nakusa when she came running to him. He picked her up hugging her close. He looked at Shelby who looked like she had been crying.

“Daddy, is what Carter said true?”

Andy looked at Carter then back at Shelby.” What did he say?”

“He said that Grandpa Patrick and Grandma Raelynn died.”

Andy glared at Carter. He had no right to tell the kids. He nodded. “It is true.”

Shelby burst into tears and ran to her room. Nakusa started wiggling and was put down. She ran after her sister.

05-03-19_9-24-52 PM

Andy looked at Carter. “You had no right to tell them. That was my responsibility.”

“I took care of it for you.”

“You shouldn’t have. I was going to tell them today.”

Shelby came back with her sister. “We are ready to go.”

Cara hugged both girls. “Be good for Daddy. I will see you both in a few days.”

She looked at Andy. “If you need anything, call.”

8 thoughts on “4:38 Poker Face

  1. I understandAndy, I dont like Carter either, he had no right what so ever to tell the girls, he is not thier parent, thoose kinds of news should have come from the parents not some easy to replace boyfriend!

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  2. Cara should have laid her foot down and told Carter him Andy needed to tell the girls. It is just as much her fault as his. Carter sounds like a control freak, jerk who needs to be kick to the curb.

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