4:37 Don’t Rock The Jukebox

05-03-19_7-14-20 PM

Andy looked up from his desk when Annette walked in.

“Good. You are back. We need to talk about last night.”

“Um… Mr. Maynard, there are a couple officers here to see you.”

He looked at the door seeing the two cops standing there. He tried to think of what may have happened to cause them to be there.

“Thank you, Annette.” He waited for her to leave the room and shut the door before looking at the cops again. “What can I do for you?”

05-03-19_7-21-32 PM

“There has been an accident.”

Andy’s first thought was the girls. He knew that Cara or her parents would have called him.”

“Your grandmother and step-father…drunk…sorry.”

Andy only heard bits and pieces. As soon as the cops left, he called his dad. Once he found out what was happening, he called out to Annette. “Cancel all meetings for the next few days.”

“Yes, Mr. Maynard.”

He grabbed his keys and rushed out of the office.”

8 thoughts on “4:37 Don’t Rock The Jukebox

  1. So his Grandma and Step-Dad were in an accident and kill or hurt by a drunk driver. I think. At first I thought they were drinking and got in an accident. I was hoping Cara died and he would get the kids. I know that’s mean.

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      1. No, I don’t want the grandma to die or Kyle. Kyle is so sweet. My God mother’s granddaughter is named Kylee. She said she beautiful, unlike me just plain.

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  2. Ohhhh. Kyle. I hope he’s okay. I wonder what they were doing together….and just when he was going to settle things with Annette. I was afraid at first they were there to arrest him for rape! Or that Cara and the kids were dead. Thatbtoo would have been terrible. We shall see.

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