4:35 Almost Over (Getting Over You)

05-02-19_5-51-57 PM

Andy hadn’t even opened his eyes yet and already knew that something was different. He heard the dog toy squeaking from the other room. That was a normal sound.

What wasn’t normal was the woman’s voice he also heard. It didn’t take him long to recognize it as Annette’s voice.

He tried to remember what had happened the night before, but his memory was blank.

He opened his eyes and looked around the room. It was the bedroom he used during the week. The one in the apartment over the office. He didn’t remember getting home.

He heard the voice in the other room again and realized that Annette must have helped him get home.

05-02-19_5-57-02 PM

He crawled out of bed and realized he was naked. That thought worried him a bit. Had him and Annette…? Did they…?

He groaned as he pulled on the pants from the night before. He was going to have to face her and whatever they may have done.

He grabbed his shirt and was pulling it on when he heard the door downstairs close. Annette had left, leaving him without answers to what had happened the night before.

2 thoughts on “4:35 Almost Over (Getting Over You)

  1. The boss and the secretary drunk at an office party. An age old scenario that breaks up marriages. Good thing he isn’t married. But the office gossip….ugh…..And what will that do to their relationship and perhaps even her job might be in jeopardy.

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