4:34 Bye Bye Love

04-30-19_8-27-00 PM

Andy looked around the table at his workers. They had finished a large project that afternoon and was out celebrating.

The house they had finished was one of the largest they had ever done. It had taken them several months because of all the changes the client kept making. Despite all of that, they still managed to finish a month early and under budget. He knew that the project would bring them more work.

04-30-19_9-08-50 PM

“You all have been the best crew I could have asked for. Each of you work hard and give quality work.”

He passed out bonus checks to everyone. He knew that by keeping his employees happy and recognizing their good work, they would continue to work hard.

He looked over at Annette. “You have been a huge help to me. I don’t think I could have kept the company running as well as it does without you.”

Annette was a bit surprised by his words. “All I do is answer the phone.”

04-30-19_9-09-24 PM

Andy shook his head. “You do a lot more than answer the phone. You make sure I get to my meetings when I need to be there. You make sure the supplies are ordered and the crew gets paid. You are very important tot he success of the company.”

“Mr. Maynard, I think you may have had too much to drink.”

Andy was going to disagree, but realized she was probably right. He was pretty drunk and would definitely regret it in the morning. At that moment, he didn’t care. They were celebrating. Plus, home was so lonely.

6 thoughts on “4:34 Bye Bye Love

    1. They sure do. Did you see my post on discord about what happened while I was getting the pictures for this chapter and went to the bathroom? THAT will not be in the story. Lol

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      1. I know. I was shocked. I had fixed the settings a long time ago, but I guess the last update reset them all back to default. They are fixed again now so no more of those shenanigans!

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