4:31 All I Ask

04-14-19_1-27-53 PM

Andy sat at the dinner table trying to talk to Cara. “Tayler and Brice were at the office today. They are having a house built in Willow Creek. Right next door.”

“That’s nice.”

Andy frowned at her response. “They are expecting their first baby.”

“That’s good.”

04-14-19_1-36-27 PM

He waited until Shelby had finished eating and had gone to do her homework.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just had a stressful day.”

04-14-19_1-36-52 PM

“I’m sorry. Anything that I can do?”

She shook her head. “Thanks for asking though. It is just things I have to deal with myself.”

Andy shook his head at what she said. “You don’t have to deal with things alone, love. We are a family. We can deal with things together.”

“Not this time. Just let it go, Andy. Please.”

He nodded even though he didn’t want to. “If you change your mind…”

04-14-19_1-41-30 PM

“I won’t.” She got up and cleaned up from dinner.

He watched her and frowned. He could sense that something wasn’t right. It hadn’t been for awhile. He just didn’t know what the problem was.

04-14-19_1-41-39 PM

He got up and put his arms around her. “Please tell me what is wrong, Cara. Did I do something?”

She shook her head. “I guess I just miss my family. When we were in San Myshuno, they were there. Now that we are in Willow Creek, I don’t see them as often.”

Andy could understand that. He had felt the same way when he had left Brindleton Bay. “We are only an hour away. Why don’t you take the car and the kids and go visit them tomorrow?”


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