4:30 Girl Next Door

04-13-19_3-06-45 PM

It took a few weeks, but Andy finally hired an assistant to help at work. Cara was able to stay home with the girls again.

Annette had been sent to him by a head hunter and was more qualified than any other applicant he had interviewed.

He introduced her to the crew since she would also be the go between for him and the workers at times. He wanted everybody to have a good working relationship. It would help keep the drama to a minimum.

04-13-19_3-12-38 PM

Andy looked up when Annette tapped on his office door.

“Your two o’clock is here.”

04-13-19_3-37-43 PM

He nodded and stood up. He walked to the reception area and smiled when he saw who was there. He hugged his sister then led the two of them to his office.

What can I do for the two of you.”

04-13-19_3-41-21 PM

Tayler and her husband sat down before she answered. “We are looking to move to Willow Creek.”

She reached over and took her husband’s hand. “After visiting your family here, we have decided that this is where we want to raise our own family. We want our children to grow up knowing their cousins.”

Andy looked at the two of them. “Are you pregnant?”

Tayler smiled and nodded.

Andy was happy for the two of them and excited to become an uncle. They discussed what they wanted for their house and what was already on the property.

By the time everybody left, they were all happy and satisfied with the ideas they had.


6 thoughts on “4:30 Girl Next Door

  1. The Girl Next Door is that Annette or his sister? Just wondering if Annette is going to cause some problems between Andy and his girlfriend or is there someone else going to cause problems?🤔

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