4:29 American Pride

04-09-19_4-19-29 PM

Andy looked around the new office and smiled. The company was doing better than he had expected. He had bought a small piece of land and built the company’s official offices. He had also hired a second crew since the work load had increased. He was in search of an assistant though. It was rough on Cara taking care of the girls as well as working for him.

He had a few interviews on the schedule for the day. He was hoping one of them was qualified and able to start immediately.

04-09-19_6-54-51 PM

He looked up when the door opened and Cara came in with the girls. Shelby went into the meeting room where they had a few toys for her.

“They mayor is on line one. He wants to talk to you about the ribbon cutting for the park. I need to feed the baby so we will be in the meeting room.”

04-09-19_7-00-40 PM

He waited for her to go into the meeting room and close the door before he picked up the phone.

04-09-19_7-04-13 PM

After he hung up, he went into the meeting room. He sat down with Shelby to play with her. He looked up at Cara and smiled.


“Just watching you. You have never looked more beautiful than you do right now.”

04-09-19_7-06-53 PM

“You are crazy.”

He stood up then kissed her. “I am crazy about you.”


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