4:28 Lullaby

04-04-19_10-12-02 PM

Andy looked at the little girl in his arms and felt his heart melt. He may not have wanted another child at first, but now that she was here, he could not be any happier or love her more.

“My sweet little Nakusa.” He saw Shelby watching. “Come see your little sister.”

Shelby shook her head. “Take her back.”

“We can’t do that, Sweetie. She lives here with us.”

He laid the baby back in her bassinet then held his arms out to his oldest daughter. He hugged her close.

“How about if Daddy takes you to get some ice cream? We’ll bring some back for Mommy.”

Shelby smiled at the thought of ice cream. “And sissy?”

Andy shook his head. “Sissy is still too little for ice cream. It will be a special treat just for me and you.”

04-08-19_11-33-42 AM

04-08-19_11-53-22 AM

04-08-19_11-56-49 AM

04-08-19_12-01-19 PM

04-08-19_12-02-42 PM

04-08-19_12-02-55 PM

04-08-19_12-11-07 PM

04-08-19_12-35-05 PM

04-08-19_12-39-26 PM

04-08-19_12-41-28 PM

04-08-19_12-57-54 PM

04-08-19_12-59-34 PM

04-08-19_1-11-13 PM


8 thoughts on “4:28 Lullaby

      1. Yes she was. She missed a lot because of her comments that day. I think Shelby and now the baby is softening him up a bit. He is a great dad. Even though he didn’t want the new baby at first, he adores her.

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