4:27 Little Boys Grow Up and Dogs Get Old

04-04-19_3-44-42 PM

Andy watched Shelby with the puppy. It had been a gift for her fifth birthday. As much as the little girl loved her puppy, Andy was not happy. He wished he would have been asked before his father got the dog.

Even though they no longer had rent to pay, money was still tight. What they would have been paying in rent was now being used to build Andy’s business.

Andy had quit his job in the city. He was now establishing himself as a real estate developer in Willow Creek. The paperwork had been done, turned in, and approved. Maynard Industries was once again open and in business. 

04-04-19_3-47-44 PM

At the present time, all business was being done at the house. Cara was helping with answering phones and making appointments. Andy had a small crew of workers from a construction company that had recently closed. Andy had almost immediately offered them a job. All except one guy accepted.

They were currently contracted to build a park for the growing town. It wasn’t Andy’s dream project, but it was work. All new companies had to start somewhere. This was their start.

“Andy? There is someone on the phone wanting to know if you could build and design an underground occult dungeon for him.”

Andy looked up at her and shook his head. “Not a chance in he… Tell him no.”

She nodded and went back to the other room.

“An occult dungeon? What kind of freaky sh…” He saw Shelby watching him and cut off his sentence. “Would you like to take Todd for a walk?”

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