4:26 My Home Is In Alabama

04-03-19_8-18-44 PM

School was done. Graduation was over. Now they were settling into their new home.

When Andy had gone to talk to his parents a couple months earlier, he had no clue they were in the final stages of purchasing a home for Andy’s family as a graduation gift.

Shelby was loving the yard. She no longer had to wait for someone to take her to the park. The yard wasn’t large, but it was bigger than they had before.

Cara sat outside watching Shelby play while Andy, his brother, and his fathers moved the last of their stuff in. Andy didn’t want her to over do it. That wouldn’t be good for her or the baby.

04-03-19_8-21-55 PM

Andy smiled at Shelby when she came inside for a drink. He left her inside with the others while he went outside to check on Cora.

04-03-19_8-25-20 PM

He kissed her cheek then sat down beside her. “You okay?”

She nodded and smiled. “I am fine. Just enjoying being able to relax in our own yard.”

“It is pretty nice, isn’t it?”

“Did you know they were doing this?”

He shook his head. “I had no clue.”

04-03-19_8-25-50 PM

He watched their daughter come back outside. “I am glad we will be raising the kids out of the city. This is a much nicer environment for them.”

Cara thought about the apartment and how often things broke. She remembered all their arguments. 

“It will be nicer for the two of us also.”

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