4:25 Takin’ Care of Business

04-03-19_4-37-47 PM

“I know we wanted to do this on our own, but we are over our heads. Maybe we should let our parents help.”

Andy had waited until Shelby had been put to bed before talking to Cara. They would be able to talk without the interruptions.

“I don’t want to rely too much on them though. Our parents should not be supporting us.”

“It’s just temporary, love. Once your company is established, we will pay them back.”

Andy nodded his head. “We need to figure out which bills we are able to pay ourselves.”

04-03-19_3-50-21 PM

The two spent the next couple hours going through their budget. With the new medical bills, they were almost $200 a month short.

Andy looked at the paper and sighed. He called his dad and made sure it would be alright to visit the next day.”

04-03-19_3-53-24 PM

After hanging up, he looked over at Cara. “How are you feeling?”

“Physically I am fine.” She laid her hand on her stomach. “We are both very healthy. I am worried about you though.”


“Because you have been very stressed. That isn’t healthy.”

“I’m just worried about making sure you and our daughter are taken care of.”

“We are fine. You worry about passing your finals. Let me worry about the rest.”

He leaned toward her and kissed her softly. “I love you.”

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