4:24 Lean On Me

03-29-19_3-13-33 PM

Andy had gone to tell his dad about his decision to quit school and about Cara being pregnant again.

“You can’t quit. Not when you are so close to being finished.”

Andy looked at Kyle. “I don’t have a choice. We’ve barely been making ends meet as it is. Many nights, Cara and I have skipped dinner so Shelby could eat. Every time we manage to save some money towards a new place, something happens and we are back at nothing.”

“Why didn’t you come to us? You know we would have helped.”

He did know, but it wasn’t what they wanted. “We want to do things on our own.”

Owen shook his head. “I don’t know where you get your damn stubbornness from.”

03-29-19_3-18-40 PM

“He gets it from his grandmother.” Raelynn hugged her grandson then sat beside him.

“When is the baby due?”

Andy tried to remember what Cara had told him. “Sometime in the fall.”

“That is still months away. You graduate in two months. That college degree holds a lot more power with employers than getting to the end and quitting. It shows them that you can stick it out even things are tough.”

“Your grandmother is right. Finish school. Let us help you.”

Andy didn’t say anything for several seconds. “I will think about it. I need to talk to Cara before I make any decisions.”

4 thoughts on “4:24 Lean On Me

  1. Treat it as a loan and pay interest on it like you would do a bank. My parents buy what I need, but any extras I pay for myself. On my 16 birthday I was given a new car. My parents pay the down payment, the taxes, and the first two months insurance. I make the payments on the car, insurance, taxes. Pay for any outside activity I want to pursue, such as learning to fly a plane. They will not buy me a $60 pair of name brand jeans when a $20 pair at Walmart is fine. If I want the $60 pair I buy them myself. It is not that they don’t have the money. It is call teaching me responsibility. They say if you pay for it yourself you appreciate it more and it helps build self-esteem.

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    1. I 100% agree with your parents. My clothes come off the clearance rack at Walmart. Been buying my own clothes since I was 14. Even made my own prom dress.
      Andy has been trying to do things on his own and not ask his parents to help. Now he may not have a choice.


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