4:23 All “Improvviso Amore

03-27-19_8-05-33 AM

Cara sat down beside Andy. “We need to talk.”

Andy put the book down and looked at her. “What’s up?”

She knew the easiest way to do this was to just tell him. “I’m pregnant.”

He didn’t know what to say about the news. “You are sure?”

“I saw the doctor this morning.”

Andy sighed and shook his head. “This timing is really bad.”

“I know. It happened though. We are having another baby.”

03-27-19_8-06-20 AM

So many things were running through his head. The apartment was barely large enough for the three of them. Another baby would take up space they didn’t have. Let’s not even mention the hit to the bank account.

“We can’t have another baby. We have no room and no money.”

“We will have to find a way, Andy. There is another baby coming and you are going to have to face it.”

He ran his hand through his hair. “We will have to find a larger place. That is going to mean a higher rent plus moving costs. The only way we can manage it is if I find a second job. I guess I can quit school and pick up more hours.”

He didn’t want to quit school with only a couple months left, but he didn’t see any other option. His family needed him to provide for them. He would talk to his boss to see if he could pick up more hours.

5 thoughts on “4:23 All “Improvviso Amore

  1. Oh no….I was worried about Andy starting a business but this is going to take a worse toll on their relationship. I can’t believe he’s reacting so negatively though. He’s going to feel like he’s sacrificing now. I hope things don’t deteriorate.

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  2. Wait, is Cara now working or not? A second income should have boosted their finances a lot, even more if they didn’t hire child care.

    Liked by 1 person

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