4:22 Generation Love

03-26-19_6-36-04 AM

Andy had one of those rare days where he hall of his school work finished and he had the day off work. Nothing in the apartment was broken, so he would be able to spend the day with his girlfriend and daughter.

When he made plans to take the family out to do something fun, he didn’t know that Cara had made plans to go with her mother to pick her dad up from the airport. The plan had been to take Shelby along, but the poor toddler wasn’t feeling well.

Cara kissed Andy then kissed Shelby’s cheek. “You take good care of your daddy while Mommy is gone.”

“We will be fine. We are going to hang out and watch Disney movies.”

03-26-19_6-39-30 AM

Once it was just the two of them, he put her on the sofa and turned on The Little Mermaid for her to watch. He had just sat down with her when someone knocked on the door. 

He was surprised to see his dad and step father.

“We stopped to take the three of you to lunch.”

Shelby heard her grandfather and ran over to hug him. She was thrilled when he picked her up.

Owen looked at his son frowning. “She feels warm. Has she seen a doctor?”

Andy nodded his head. “Cara took her yesterday. She has a stomach virus. That is why she is hanging out with me and watching The Little Mermaid today instead of going to the airport with her mother.”

At the mention of her favorite movie, Shelby squirmed until Owen put her down. She ran back to the sofa to watch the movie. When Kyle sat down with her, she started telling him about the movie.

03-26-19_6-41-12 AM

Owen sat down in the kitchen with Andy. “How are you guys doing? Do you need anything?”

“We are doing pretty good right now. We have our arguments like all couples do, but it has been pretty good.”

“School ends soon, right?”

Andy nodded. “Just a couple more months.”

“Do you know what you are going to do after graduation?”

“I am going to start my own business.”

4 thoughts on “4:22 Generation Love

  1. Glad things are going well. Starting a business is an adventurous undertaking for a young couple. Money issues could abound as well as feelings of resentment while the business takes a financial toll and dominates Andy’s time.

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