4:17 Slow Hands

03-09-19_4-44-18 PM

Andy and Cara moved into the apartment they had found near campus. It was pretty run down and sparsely finished, but it was in their budget…barely.

The two of them wanted to do this on their own with no help from their parents. Andy had found a part time job working in the mail room of a local company. It didn’t pay much, but it covered the rent, diapers for Shelby, and their other bills.

The downside was that what little time was spent not at work or school was spent studying. That was putting most of the child care on Cara’s shoulders. He hated that, but for now it was necessary. He had time to spend with his daughter on the weekends so Cara could rest.

03-09-19_4-53-16 PM

“Can you please change her? I am in the bathroom.”

Andy hit the save button on his work and went to check on the baby. He changed her then cuddled her against his chest.

03-09-19_5-36-01 PM

“I”m sorry I don’t get to spend as much time with you as your mommy does. Daddy is trying to make sure you have everything you need to grow up to be the perfect little angel that I already know you are.”

Cara stood by the door watching them. “The toilet is broke again.”

He looked up at her and nodded. “I will fix it.”

He kissed Shelby’e head then tucked her back into her bassinet. He followed Cara out of the nursery.

03-09-19_6-22-48 PM

“Maybe you should call someone to fix the toilet this time.”

“We can’t afford to pay a plumber. There’s just enough money in the bank to buy Shelby’s diapers tomorrow.”

Cara signed and headed for the kitchen. “I will pack you a lunch from tonight’s leftovers.”

Andy kissed her cheek. He looked at his homework sitting on the table. He had so much work to do before he went to bed that night, but first he had a toilet to fix.


4 thoughts on “4:17 Slow Hands

  1. When teen plays adult games they have to grow up fast. Even Andy had to get help from his parents, maybe Andy needs to tell his son to swallow his pride and let them help. It shows maturity that they want to do things themselves, however we all need help sometimes.

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    1. Andy is trying hard to do this himself. I am not sure which will break him down first, the need for money or the lack of time with Cara and Shelby.


  2. Diapers can waste a fortune…
    there’s still the option of reusable ones, but I fully understand everyone who doesn’t wanna do that 😏

    Liked by 1 person

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