4:16 Red Solo Cup

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It was finally graduation day. Thankfully Shelby had been born right before finals. The school let Cara take her finals online since she was still on leave after having a baby. She was attending graduation however. She had worked hard to get to that day. Shelby was going to stay with Andy’s Aunt Grace during the ceremony.

Andy had found out earlier that day that he had earned an academic scholarship. Even better than that, he was graduating top of his class. His scholarship was going to pay for his full tuition. All he would have to pay for was housing and meals.

His housing would have been paid for if he had decided to stay in the student dorms. Instead he was staying in an apartment near campus that him and Cara had found. They would be moving in the following week.

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Andy saw his mother standing off to the side. He walked over to her but kept a distance. If you want to see Shelby, it will have to be this week. We are leaving Brindleton Bay next week.”

Dakota was surprised and sad to hear that. “I will miss you.”

Andy shook his head. “You can’t miss something that you wish you never had.”

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“That’s not…” She shook a deep breath and started over. “Will you please come by the house before you leave? We really need to talk. Rylie misses her big brother.”

He missed his little sister also, but he just couldn’t go back to the house. “Call Dad.” The two of you can work out something so you can see Shelby before we leave.”

Dakota could see that he was still upset with her. “No matter what you think of me right now, I do love you, Andy.”

“You have a funny way of saying it.” Without another word, he turned and walked back to his friends.


7 thoughts on “4:16 Red Solo Cup

  1. Some words can’t be unsaid. There are some hurts you always remember. It is hard to forgive and even harder to forget. It is wierd how when someone dies all you remember is the good times and that one bad thing does not seem so bad. I hope he doesn’t hold it against her to long because she will not be around for ever and he will regret not making things right.

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    1. I agree. My sisters are learning that now. They never wanted to spend time with Dad while he was alive. Now that he is gone, they ask me for my memories of him just so they can know him better.


      1. So sad. My family is my life and God. I don’t know what I would do without either. Good memories or bad are all forgiven will a family member dies.

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