4:15 Little Bitty Pretty One

03-06-19_10-37-27 AM

Andy was sitting in class taking notes when his sister came into the room with a note for the teacher.

“Andrew, gather your things and go to the office.”

He looked at Tayler confused. He got his books and followed her out of the room.

“Cara is in labor. She is waiting for you in the office.”

03-06-19_10-45-23 AM

Andy ran down the hall tot he office. He saw Cara sitting outside the door waiting. This was the place where she had told him that she was pregnant. It was only fitting that this was the place they last see each other before becoming parents.

He quickly signed out then helped her to his car. Her hospital bag had been in the car for a few weeks now, so they were able to go straight to the hospital.

Their parents were already there waiting. Even his mother was there despite the fact that Andy hadn’t talked to her since that day he walked out of her house.

03-06-19_12-12-47 PM

They got Cara signed in and settled into a room. Andy sat beside the bed trying to support her.

03-06-19_12-16-04 PM03-06-19_12-16-16 PM03-06-19_12-16-31 PM

03-06-19_12-18-19 PM

It was several hours later when Andy walked out to the waiting room.

“They are both doing great.”

He sat down beside his papa. “Shelby came out screaming. That girl has some great lungs.”

Owen looked at his son and smiled. “I have a granddaughter?”

Andy looked at his dad and nodded. “You do. You have a granddaughter.”


5 thoughts on “4:15 Little Bitty Pretty One

  1. Wow!!! A baby. They have a lot of support. All new paternts need a lot of support and help. Their life has really changed. I hope they are ready for it.
    I can’t wait to I get a baby sister. April 25. Zoriegh Dianne Lincoln.

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