4:14 Live Like You Were Dying

03-06-19_12-17-37 AM

Owen helped get Andy down the stairs and settled on the sofa. They decided that downstairs would be the easiest. Andy would have easy access to a tv, bathroom, and his bedroom without having to go up and down the stairs. Someone would take meals to him.

“Are you okay? Do you need anything? Something to eat or drink?” He moved the remote and video game controller closer to Andy.

“I am fine, Dad. Cara, Aiden, and Krystal are coming over after school.”

Owen nodded. “I will send them down when they get here.”

Owen was glad that Andy had friends to hang out with. He had been worried for awhile after Reuben died. Andy had been so depressed.

“If you need anything, send a text upstairs. I will be in the office working.”

“Okay, Dad. Thanks.”

03-06-19_12-20-49 AM

Andy watched his dad go back up the stairs. He sighed as he thought about what was going on.

Andy had blown his knee during a game the night before and had surgery that morning. The doctor had already told them that he was finished playing soccer.

When he thought about it, he really wasn’t that upset about it. He wasn’t planning to play in college, so he was finished after the season anyway.

The good thing was that this gave him more time to focus on his studies and try to get an academic scholarship.

03-06-19_12-21-29 AM

He heard his friends coming down the stairs and grinned.

Cara held up some snacks. “Your dad loaded us up with enough food and drinks for a year.”

Andy reached up and grabbed a bag of chips. “Find a seat. You will be here awhile.”


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