4:13 Little Things

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Andy and Cara went to visit his papa and tell him the news. Andy wasn’t as scared to tell him as he had been to tell his dad. With his brother and sisters being there, it should help keep things calm.

Patrick wasn’t exactly thrilled with his son becoming a father so soon, but he wasn’t going to yell at the two of them. He would support and help them any way that they needed.

“I am sure your dad was upset and yelled.” He sighed when Andy nodded. “Do you need me to talk to him?”

“No. Grandma calmed him down.”

They stayed for a couple hours so everybody could get to know Cara a bit. They would have stayed longer, but Owen wanted to stop at his mother’s house.

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Derick and Rylie were at a father/daughter dance, so Dakota was the only one home. SHe was thrilled to see Andy and Cara. She invited them both inside.

“Been visiting your dad?” How is he doing?”

“He is doing great. Kenya wanted me to tell you that she will be over after school tomorrow to help Rylie with her project.”

“Good. She loves when her brothers and sisters visit.”

Andy felt bad that he didn’t visit as often as he used to. Soccer practice kept him pretty busy.”

“How do you think she would feel about visits from a niece or nephew?”

“I think she would love it… Wait…” She looked at the two of them then sighed. “When I talked to your dad about you going to school, I did not… If I had known… I never should have…”

“Mom, we didn’t plan this. It just happened.”

“I can’t even deal with this right now. I wish I had never agreed to be the surrogate for your father.”

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Andy couldn’t believe she said that. His mother had always been his biggest supporter in everything he did. Now she regretted him being born.

He got up and reached for Cara’s hand. He walked out without saying anything to his mother.

“Andy… I didn’t mean… Andrew…”

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He ignored her and kept walking. Once back at the house he stopped beside his car.

“Do you mind if I just took you home now?”

Cara could tell that he was upset by what just happened. She understood his need to be alone.

“You don’t need to. My dad is at the docks. I will get a ride home from him.” She gave him a tight hug. “Call me later, okay?”

He nodded. He was glad she understood. That was one reason he loved her.

He watched her walk away then went into the house. Owen hung up the phone when he walked in.

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“Your mother called. Are you okay?”

“She’s not my mother. She is just the egg donor.”

Owen could see how upset his son was. “She is your mother, Andy. Right now she is worried about you.”

“Did she tell you what she said to me?” He could tell from the look on his father’s face that she hadn’t. “She told me that she regrets being your surrogate.”

Hearing that made Owen angry. Nobody should ever hear that from a parent. “I’m sorry, Andy. I hope you don’t think that your papa and I feel that way. We love you and are very happy you are here.”

03-05-19_6-19-15 PM

Andy hugged his dad. “I’m sorry I messed up.”

“Don’t. You have nothing to be sorry for. What is done, is done. We can’t change that.”

“I only ever wanted to make all of you proud.”

Owen looked at his son. “I have always been proud of you.”


6 thoughts on “4:13 Little Things

  1. I am sure Dakota said that because she was upset. She will never be able to take back them words. She can apologise over and over, and Andy forgive her, but he will never forget them words. Mother’s and son’s relationship is alter forever.

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