4:12 Measure of A Man

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They decided to tell her parents first.

Andy held Cara’s hand for support. Thankfully her parents weren’t too upset. They even offered to help with the baby if the two of them needed it.

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Telling Andy’s parents was completely different. They decided to tell his dad, Kyle and grandmother first. He would tell his papa and mother later.

Owen looked at his son and shook his head. “We talked about this. You knew the risks. How could you let this happen?”

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“It wasn’t like we planned this, Dad. We were careful, but it still happened.”

“You both are still in high school. You aren’t prepared to have a baby at your age.”

Raelyn put her hand on her son’s arm. “Calm down, Owen. You weren’t much different when you were his age. You did everything you could to be with Patrick.”

“Neither Patrick nor I got pregnant.”

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“That is true, but that doesn’t change the fact that Andy isn’t doing anything you weren’t doing at his age.”

“Yes, he is. He is becoming a father. He is too young.”

“Your father said the same thing about you when you were expecting Andy. And don’t even give me the line about you being older. You were only a year older. Still young.”

Owen had no choice but to agree with his mother. He had been young.

He looked at the two teens. “We will help you in any way you need, but you two are still responsible for caring for the baby.”

Andy and Cara both nodded. They were glad Owen finally came around. He hoped that telling his papa and mother would be easier.


7 thoughts on “4:12 Measure of A Man

  1. I figured Andy’s parents would support him. I was wondering about her parents. Her parents seem to take it better than his. Now for the other two.

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