4:9 Her Heart Is Only Human

02-25-19_7-14-48 PM

“Are you coming or not?”

Andy looked at Cara and smiled. “Are your friends going to be okay with me hanging around?”

“They won’t mind. Now come on.”

He followed her and her friends. They had decided to go bowling for something to do.

“In case anybody asks, you are my date.”

02-25-19_7-17-05 PM

Andy looked at the others and noticed they were all paired up.

“You could have just asked you know.”

02-25-19_7-25-24 PM

02-25-19_7-26-12 PM

02-25-19_7-26-26 PM

02-25-19_7-26-58 PM

02-25-19_7-27-20 PM

02-25-19_7-27-35 PM

02-25-19_7-28-14 PM

02-25-19_7-29-19 PM

02-25-19_7-29-53 PM

02-25-19_7-30-28 PM

02-25-19_7-31-56 PM

02-25-19_7-36-24 PM

02-26-19_8-41-13 AM

The group had fun together. They had accepted Andy into the group as if he had always been there. He had enjoyed spending time with Cara and getting to know her.

They were sitting outside Cara’s family’s apartment. He saw his mother walk past carrying a cupcake. Thankfully all she did was smile at him and kept walking. That could have been a little awkward.

02-26-19_8-44-17 AM

“Would you like to come over and hang out tomorrow? My parents just bought me a new video game. We could try it out.”

Andy smiled as he nodded his head. “I will have to check with my dad to see if he has plans. If not, I would love to come over.”

Cara leaned toward him and kissed his cheek. “I will see you tomorrow.”

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