4:8 I Miss You A Little

02-25-19_2-36-31 PM

Andy sat with Aiden in the cafeteria. It was weird not having Reuben with them.

“Look at them over there all happy and laughing like they aren’t the reason Reuben is dead.”

Andy looked up when someone stopped beside their table. He was surprised to see Reuben’s sister, Cara, standing there.

02-25-19_2-39-32 PM

“I just wanted to say thank you for being my brother’s friend. He wasn’t an easy guy to be friends with.”

Andy shook his head. “Your brother was a very cool guy once you got to know him.

Cara sat down with the two of them. “He liked you two. He talked about you a lot.”

02-25-19_2-40-30 PM

She looked down at her hands. “It wasn’t easy for Reuben to make friends. People learn who our parents are and assume we are just like them.”

Andy could understand that. “Some people think that my parents being gay means I am also.”

“Are you?”

He shook his head. “I am into girls.”

“I see. That is good to know.”

02-25-19_2-40-49 PM

She got up and looked at Andy. “I”ll see you around.”

Andy watched her walk back over to her friends. He knew those two. They were his cousins, Antonio and Bianca. His uncle Anthony’s kids.

“I think she likes you.”

Andy looked at Aiden and shook his head. “She was just being nice.”

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