4:7 Gone Too Soon

02-25-19_12-22-43 PM

Have you all heard the good news? That annoying pest, Reuben MacDougal, will no longer be annoying people at school…or anywhere else. Well, he may be annoying the worms, but let’s face it…nobody cares. Actually, there may be one person who does care…his boyfriend, Andy Maynard. If we’re all lucky, maybe he will follow his boyfriend. They could be buried beside each other. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Andy heard the knock on his bedroom door. He had expected it to be his dad or Kyle. He wasn’t expecting to see his papa come through the door.

Patrick looked at his son before hugging him. “I am sorry about your friend.”

02-25-19_12-26-03 PM

He hadn’t told his parents yet, so he wasn’t sure how his papa knew.

“Tayler told me.” He sat down beside Andy on the bed. “She showed me the blog. Why didn’t you tell me what was going on?”

“There was nothing you could do to help. We went to Mrs. Hoyt and it only made things worse.”

Patrick didn’t like hearing that. He hated that he wasn’t able to help his son.

02-25-19_12-26-14 PM

“You know you can always talk to me about anything, right?”

Andy nodded. “Are you going to tell Dad?”

Patrick nodded. “He needs to know what is going on.”

He nodded. He hadn’t wanted to tell his dad and worry him.

“I do need to ask you something. Were you and…”

Andy shook his head. “We were just friends. I’m not into guys.”

Patrick was actually glad to hear that. He knew this would be harder for his son if the two had been romantically involved.

6 thoughts on “4:7 Gone Too Soon

    1. I try to do each generation with a real life problem currently in the world. Teenage suicide and bullying has been bad here. My nephew lost his best friend to it a year ago. Not all of my topics are easy to handle, but they help bring light on some of the problems.
      This is the worst part of this generation for awhile.

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