4:6 Concrete Angel

02-22-19_10-14-26 AM

Andy grabbed Reuben’s arm trying to pull him away from the others. He looked over at Aiden. “Help?”

The two of them finally managed to get him away from Piper and her gang.

“You really need to just start ignoring them.”

“Aiden’s right. You are just feeding that flock of trolls.”

Reuben nodded. “I know. It’s hard though. You have seen the things she posts on that blog of hers.”

Andy nodded. Hell, Piper’s blog had gotten him fired from his job. “Just try to ignore them. They are just looking for trouble and you are giving it to them.”

“I will try.” He looked at his two friends.”I’m glad you two are my friends. My only friends, but it still count.”

“Everybody else is just missing out on how cool you are.”

Reuben did feel better. “You two want to hit the arcade after school?”

02-22-19_12-01-11 PM

02-22-19_12-01-40 PM

02-22-19_12-03-59 PM

02-22-19_5-39-32 PM

02-22-19_5-40-01 PM

02-22-19_5-40-17 PM

02-22-19_5-40-08 PM

02-22-19_5-44-09 PM

02-22-19_5-44-28 PM

02-22-19_5-44-41 PM

02-22-19_5-45-24 PM

02-22-19_5-46-45 PM

02-22-19_5-47-55 PM

02-22-19_5-49-21 PM

02-22-19_5-48-13 PM

02-22-19_5-58-49 PM

02-22-19_6-01-24 PM

02-22-19_6-03-01 PM

4 thoughts on “4:6 Concrete Angel

    1. She is his older girlfriend. She lives in the house with his family. Not sure where she came from. She just showed up in the family randomly so I decided to give her a part in the story. Obviously she wanted to be there.

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