4:4 Hold My Hand

Andy sat in the cafeteria with Reuben and Aiden. They had been talking about the people that had been bothering Reuben. 

“It seems like that bitch posts something about me on that damn blog every day.

Andy knew exactly who he was talking about. He looked over at the table where Piper Morton sat with the rest of the gang from the coffee shop.

Reuben looked at the table and rolled his eyes. “They probably go to the bathroom together too.”

“From what I have seen, they do tend to go in groups. Maybe they are part bird or something and only shit in flocks.”

Reuben looked at Andy like he couldn’t believe that information had just flowed from his friend’s mouth. The next minute, he had burst out laughing and drew all eyes in the cafeteria to their table.

Andy didn’t think what he said had been that funny. Now that everybody’s attention was on the two of them, he was wishing he hadn’t said it.

“I can just imagine them all flying over a convertible and shitting.”

The imagery that conjured up made Andy laugh.

“I think they are more the type to fly over a group of people and drop shit bombs.”

02-14-19_12-37-17 PM

That made the three of them laugh. They laughed even harder when the coffee shop gang got up and left.

“Right now I don’t even care that there will be more shit on her blog about me later.”

02-14-19_12-52-03 PM

“About that…I think you should talk to Mrs. Hoyt about what they are doing. I will go with you if you want.”

“I will think about it.”

Andy didn’t want to push him. He would be there for his friend no matter what he decided.


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