4:3 God Help The Outcasts

02-12-19_10-50-18 PM

Raelyn listened to what her grandson was saying about the incident at the park with his friend and Rylie. She didn’t like that he was involved in this mess.

“Is Rylie okay?”

Andy nodded. “She’s fine. Seems to have already forgotten about it.”

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“Tell me more about this friend.”

“Reuben? He’s normally a pretty cool guy. I don’t know why he acted like he did with Rylie.”

“You didn’t take part in it with him, did you?”

Andy shook his head. “I told him to leave her alone.”

“Did he know that she is your sister?”

“Not when he did it. He found out when Mom got there to pick her up.” He looked at his grandmother. “Why would he act like that anyway?”

02-12-19_10-51-15 PM

Raelyn shook her head. “That is not an easy question to answer. There are many reasons a person is mean to others. Usually it is because someone is doing something similar to them.”

Andy tried to think about any times that he may have seen Reuben being mistreated. He did remember a few of the other kids saying things.

“Be there for your friend, but don’t participate in his bad behavior. I think you could be a positive influence on him.”

“I won’t let him pick on any more kids.”

Raelyn was glad to hear that. “You have always been a sweet boy. Don’t ever let anything change that.

“I’ll try, Grandma.”


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