4:1 Kid On A Corner

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High school wasn’t anything like what Andy had expected it to be. He saw Tayler and her friends. He knew he could hang out with them, but the point of him being there was to make friends that he wasn’t related to.

He looked around the classroom hoping to find a friendly face. All he saw was a lot of curious stares.

He moved to the only empty seat in the room which just happened to be front and center. He couldn’t even hide in the back of the room.

He was so focused on getting the things he needed out of his backpack, that he didn’t even realize the voice he heard was directed at him.

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“Earth to the new kid.”

Andy looked up at the boy sitting in the next desk. “I’m sorry. Were you talking to me?”

“I was trying to. I’m Reuben. Reuben MacDougal.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Andy.”

“Just Andy? No last name?”

“Maynard. Andy Maynard.”

“Mr. Maynard, I realize that this is your first day here. I do not know how things were done wherever you came from, but here, were actually conduct class with the teacher talking and the student’s listening. If you and Mr. MacDougal would like to continue your conversation, I can arrange for it after school in detention.”

Great! First day of school, first class, and already in trouble. He could already imagine what the conversation was going to be like with his dad when he got home.

It was still only the first class. Surely the rest of the day would be better.

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Andy was sitting alone at lunch when Tayler sat down with him. “How are things going?”

Andy gave a little shrug. “It’s different. Not at all like you see on television.”

“Taylor laughed and shook her head. “Those shows aren’t real. If you are expecting everybody to randomly start singing and dancing you will be waiting awhile. This isn’t a Disney movie and I haven’t seen Zack Efron around here yet.”

Andy couldn’t help laughing.

02-09-19_8-46-33 PM

“What’s so funny?”

Andy looked at Reuben who had just sat down at the table. “Just my sister telling me something funny.”

“I will see you after school, Andy. I need to get to my Physics class. We have a test in there today. A test I am no way ready for.”

“You will do fine. You are one of the smartest people I know.”

Tayler smiled at her brother. “You are too sweet. I’ll meet you at the flag pole after school.”

The boys watched her walk away.

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“Tayler Mackell is your sister?”

Andy nodded his head. “She is the oldest of us.” He wasn’t going to mention that she was only a few months older and they shared no common DNA. He didn’t know Reuben well enough to go into all of the intricate details of his family.

“Are there others?”

He nodded. “The triplets, Cameron, Kenya, and Teresa, are 12. Rylie is six.”

“That’s a lot of brothers and sisters.”

Andy shrugged. “I guess. I just never thought of it that way before.” He had always enjoyed having his brother and sisters around.


5 thoughts on “4:1 Kid On A Corner

    1. Friends who aren’t family! Reuben is connected to the family though. His father is the clown that was in rehab with Zaiden. His mother is the psych patient that Zander had knocked up. So Reuben is the half brother to Owen’s cousin Alana. Lol

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