3:72 Full Service

02-06-19_1-59-54 PM

Owen turned off the computer. He was not getting any work done. His mind kept going to Andy and wondering how his first day of school was going.

“He’s fine, Babe. He would have called if something was wrong.”

“I know. I just hope nobody is saying anything about…”

“About having gay parents? You can’t keep sheltering him from it. He is going to have to deal with it.”

“I know. I just hope he is prepared. People can be so cruel.”

“Babe, people can be cruel even if a person doesn’t have gay parents.”

Owen nodded his head.

02-06-19_2-01-26 PM

Kyle held his hand out to his husband. “Come here and tell me what I can do to help you get through today.”

Owen sat down beside him. “Just tell me that he is going to make it through today with no problems. Tell me that I made the right choice when I let him go to…”

02-06-19_2-01-52 PM

Kyle kissed him just to shut him up and to distract him. It took a minute, but he felt Owen relax and lean into the kiss. He pulled back and looked at his husband.

“What are you thinking right now?”

“That I have been a very bad boy and that I need a spanking.”

Kyle looked at him then laughed. “That is not even close to what I expected to hear you say.”


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