3:70 Could’ve Been

02-03-19_2-40-58 PM

Owen watched Andy play with his brothers and sisters. He could see something in his eyes and his attitude that hadn’t been there before. He could tell that something was making his son unhappy.

02-03-19_2-58-44 PM

“Andy? Can we talk?”?”

He sat on the sofa beside Andy.

“What is bothering you and how can I help.”

Andy had no clue what his dad was talking about. “What do you mean?”

“Since you lost your job, I have seen a sadness in you that I had never seen before. Is it still bothering you?”

Andy shook his head. “I don’t mind not having a job. I do miss the people though. It was great being around people I’m not related to.”

02-03-19_2-58-57 PM

Owen frowned as he listened. “Do you not like the family any longer?”

“I love the family. It is just that the family is all I know. I am related to all of my friends.”

Owen realized that everything he had done to protect his son had ended up hurting him instead. By shielding him from the world, he had isolated him too much.

“I’m sorry, Andy. I was doing what I thought was best to protect you. I was wrong.”

Andy shook his head. “You weren’t wrong. I enjoyed by home schooled. I got more time with you than most kids get with their fathers. I think it is just time to make a change now.”

“You still want to go to a regular school?” He watched his son nod his head. “Okay. I will get you registered tomorrow.”

Andy hugged his father. “Thank you, Dad.”


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