3:69 Single

02-04-19_4-16-07 PM

Andy wasn’t minding the free time now that he wasn’t working. It gave him time to do some research into something he had overheard at the coffee shop.

“Dad, what happened to the company that the family used to own?”

Owen looked up at his son. “It closed years ago. Why?”

“I heard people talking about it and was curious.”

“I don’t know a lot about the company. It closed when your grandfather was a kid. All I really know is that someone in the family stole money from the company and caused it to close. It caused a lot of fighting in the family.”

“I will look on the internet to see if I can find anything.”

“Why are you so interested?”

“I’m thinking that I may major in business when I go to college. Maybe I can rebuild the family business.”

Owen listened to his son. He knew the boy still had a few years to decide, but he liked that Andy was thinking about the future.

There was something that Andy wanted to talk to his father about.

“Dad? Do you think it would be okay if I went to a regular high school?”

Owen wanted to say no. After what happened at the coffee shop, he wanted to keep his son home to protect him. He knew he couldn’t do that though. “I will talk to your father and see what he thinks.”

That was better than he had expected.

“I’m going to the juice bar. Tayler is going to meet me there.”

“Okay. Be home by nine.”

02-04-19_7-15-27 PM

What Andy hadn’t told his dad was that his time with Tayler at the juice bar was a double date. Andy didn’t think that his father would be happy about it.

Tayler, her boyfriend, and her friend were already there when he got there. He sat down at the table with them. He had met everybody before, but not as a date.

They had a pretty good time just hanging out and talking. Andy was just happy to be hanging out with his sister and people he wasn’t related to. Delaney wasn’t the type of girl he could see himself dating long term, but she was cool to have as a friend.


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