3:68 Fighting Gravity


Going back to work wasn’t as bad as Andy thought it would be. It was worse. It was all the fault of a girl named Piper.

Piper Morton was a regular at the coffee shop. She often sat at one of the tables working on her blog. She just happened to be there the day Andy made a fool of himself. What resulted was a blog post about men not respecting women and workplace relationships. Andy somehow was used as an example in both even though was not sure how he had disrespected Keioki just by simply asking her to a movie.


You would think being embarrassed by Piper’s blog would be bad enough, but things were worse.

The owner of the coffee shop fired Andy. She said that him staring at Keioki and making unwanted advances toward her was sexual harassment.


Now Andy was sitting at his mother’s house talking to Derick. His mom had taken his little sister, Rylie, to the park for a play date.

“Dad is going to be mad. He didn’t want me to get a job to begin with.”

“If all you did was ask the girl to a movie, you didn’t do anything wrong.’

“Then why did she threaten to call the police?”


Derick shook his head. “It would have just been wasting the cop’s time.”

Derick hated that the women at the coffee shop had done this to Andy. Not only was the boy upset about being fired, and confused about what had actually happened, he was scared. He was scared the cops were going to come after him. He was scared to go home and tell his dad what was going on. As soon as Andy felt ready to go home, Derick was going to go to that coffee shop and have a chat with the owner.

Even though Andy was not his son, she still loved him as if she was. He was his best friend’s son. His wife was the boy’s biological mother. Derick had been a part of Andy’s life since before they boy had been born.

He was worried about Andy retreating back into the house. This has been his first time stepping out into the world and doing things for himself. He didn’t want this one bad experience to send things back how they used to be.

He was going to go to that coffee shop owner and make sure she didn’t scare any other young boys like this.


I want to thank you all for hanging in there with me lately. Things have been rough recently.  Not only was my game fighting against me because of the shit ton of CC I had in the game, things in my family were going on also. 

Two weeks ago, my mother’s half sister, Connie, removed herself from dialysis and entered into hospice. She passed away Tuesday night. We say our final goodbyes to her tomorrow afternoon. 

I had pushed this story to the side to spend time with Aunt Connie. I am sorry that I did not give you all a heads up on what was going on. I will try not to let that slide again. If one of you decides that I should be punished, I will allow a spanking. 🙂

4 thoughts on “3:68 Fighting Gravity

  1. Prayers, sorry for your loss.
    How can asking a girl out on a date be sexual harassment? I wouldn’t want to even be friends with that girl anymore. The scum underneath your shoes, it’s best just to whip your feet and get it off. I guess you can tell forgiving comes hard for me. Once I am offended by some one or hurt I have no use for that person and I tell them so. Maybe some day I will change.

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