3:65 Oklahoma

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Owen and Kyle tried to adopt Aiden but was once again told they weren’t acceptable parents. Seeing how upset her brother was, Grace decided to do something about it.

“Can we talk, Owen? There’s something important I need to tell you.”

Owen turned off the computer and nodded.

“Come over here and sit down.”

“This must be something big. Are you finally giving Rosie a brother or sister?”

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“Yeah, but not like you think. Jonas and I have adopted a child.”

Owen thought about how easy it was for his sister to adopt and impossible for him. The difference was who they had fallen in love with.”

“Congratulations. I’m happy for all of you.”

Grace could see that he actually wasn’t happy.

“We adopted Aiden.”

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“You did what?” Owen looked at her angry. “You know Kyle and I haven’t given up trying. How could you do that to us?”

“Owen, you know that no judge is going to approve you and your husband adopting any child. You need to accept that and stop putting yourself through this. This is going to tear you and Kyle apart.”

He knew she was right, but that didn’t make him feel any better about it. There had been arguments between him and Kyle. They were always about stupid things.

“Owen, we gave Aiden a home. He now has two parents and a sister. Is it really more important that he be your son instead of your nephew?”

He thought about it then nodded. “Him being loved and cared for is what is important. Did they tell you about his life before?”

Grace shook her head. “We never asked. We knew the boy was important to you and wanted to make sure he was in the family.”

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“Thank you.” He sighed and thought about the day they found him. “Even with everything we had to go through growing up, our lives were easy compared to his. When we first saw him, he was outside an outdoor cafe stealing the food left on plates when people left. We bought him something to eat and took him home. He lived in a tent with his grandma in a homeless camp. He tried to wake her up to meet us. According to the police, she had been dead a few days.”

Grace put her hand over her mouth trying to hide her shock. “He was living with a dead body?”

Owen nodded his head. “His mother died when he was young of a drug overdose. She was a street worker. Nobody knows who his father is.”

“Wow. Our life was perfect compared to his. His life will be great now. Jonas and I will make sure of it.”

He knew they would take very good care of the boy.

“How is married life treating you?”

Grace had married Dakota’s older brother, Jonas. After he found out about Rosie, he stepped in to help take care of her. Grace and Jonas spent a lot of time together and fell in love. They had only been married about a month now.

“It has been great. It is nice being in the same house finally.”

“I can’t believe you two actually waited until you were married. Nobody does that anymore.”

“We wanted our wedding night to be special. It was more than I ever dreamed it would be.”

“I thought girls dream of their wedding day, not their wedding night.”

“I dreamed of both.”

4 thoughts on “3:65 Oklahoma

  1. Aiden getting parents that love him is what is most important. Him getting to stay in the family and having Owen, Kyle, and Owen’s children as family is like having an ice cream sundae with all the works.
    Sometimes we want things our way, but God has something bigger and better in mine. Sometimes God answers our prayers totally different than we think he will and we realize his way is best.

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    1. Owen was mad that she didn’t talk to him before she did it. I think if she would have talked to him first, he would have been fine with it. Aiden has a great family now and people who love him. And it’s not like Owen will never see him. He’s the kids uncle now.

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