3:64 Home

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Andy was walking on the beach collecting shells for his art project. He kept seeing something move but wasn’t sure what it was. He figured it was one of the dogs that was always hanging around the docks.

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“Hi, Andy!”

Andy heard his name and looked up.

“Aiden! Everybody is looking for you. The police came to our house last night to see if you were there.”

“I know. I saw them.”

“You did? How?”

“I was hiding inside that big tunnel thing. I’m glad they didn’t have a dog with them. They would have found me for sure.”

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“You have to go back, Aiden. They think Dad and Kyle are hiding you. If they find you here, Dad and Kyle will be in a lot of trouble. Those cops already don’t like them.”

Aiden frowned as he thought about that. “I don’t want them to get in trouble because of me. I don’t want to go back there either though. I want to stay with you guys.”

“We want you to stay too. Dad and Kyle are working on that. Well they were until you ran away. You have to go back so they can try to get you back here.”

Kyle looked at him a little surprised. “They are really trying to get me back? You aren’t just saying that?”

Andy nodded.

“I will go back. Don’t tell anybody I was here. I don’t want your dads to get in trouble.


12 thoughts on “3:64 Home

  1. Aiden didn’t realize his running away could get others in trouble. He just wanted to be with the people he was comfortable with and now that he knows they trying to get him back he realizes they love him.
    What a great feeling it is when you realize someone loves you. Many foster homes meet the kids needs, but they never show them love. A child needs more than material things. Just remember that child his as scare to get close to you as you are of them, even more so, because they don’t know when they going to be sent away. At the parents point if view, it is hard to love a child you know when be leaving someday and leave a hole in your heart. Just remember all children grow up and leave, some just leave a little earlier. Love them all, shower them with hugs and kisses, and teach them about God. You never know your love maybe the only love a foster child ever knows.
    Have you heard the song, ” Little Girl” by John Michael Montgomery? If not look it up. I guarantee you will cry. I cry every time I hear it.

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    1. Seen JMM in concert and he sang that song. One of my favorites.

      And you are completely correct about Aiden not realizing that running away would cause trouble for Owen and Kyle. They were the first people that showed him love and attention.

      The next chapter tells what ultimately happens with Aiden.

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      1. If they can’t adopt him I hope Owen’s mom can.
        Did you cry when you heard the song? There are many songs out there about child abuse, but that is my favorite.

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      2. I did. I was at the concert the first time I heard it. It hadn’t been released as a single at that time. He said it was his next single. Most of the audience was crying.

        Another good one that always gets me is “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride. “Alyssa Lies” by Jason Michael Carroll is another one that makes me cry.

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  2. I love them all. There’s one that a child sings, I think it’s called ” Please don’t let them hurt the children.” The one by JJM reminds me of my life.

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  3. I read the lyrics. It is beautiful. The man that sign the papers for my adoption was not my real dad we found that out a few months ago. I met my real dad and go see him sometimes. I was so scared I would have to leave my home. I just came out and told him I was happy were I am at and wanted to stay. He said all he wanted was for me to be happy. I really think he just didn’t want to because conflict with his wife and daughters. My sisters and his wife don’t want to meet me or have anything to do with me. Now I don’t have to worry about leaving my parents. My dad has 3 older girls. I was concieved when him and his wife split up. I am not exactly sure how my parents found out about him. I was very upset, very emotional, and angry when I thought I would have to go live with them. I was tempted to runaway, thank God for answering prayers.

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    1. Maybe your sister’s will change their minds as you all get older. Right now it is new to all of you. My mom and her siblings were the same way when they learned about a half sibling. Now she is included in everything.


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