3:62 Fight Song

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Owen and Kyle kept Aiden with them on the tour. It gave the boy time to get to know them.

Once the tour was over and they were back home, Andy and Aiden became friends immediately. Andy loved all of his little brothers and sisters, but liked having someone his age to play with.

Owen watched Andy help Aiden with his Math and smiled.

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Owen and Kyle left the court room angry. The judge denied their request for custody of Aiden. He said that their lifestyle was “not beneficial to the boy’s physical and mental well being.”

“This isn’t right. We both know exactly why he denied us.”

“We will try again. We will find another judge and get him back.”

“Let’s go home and talk to the kids.”

They had Aiden’s things setting by the door when the woman from Social Services arrived to pick him up. “Thank you for letting me stay with you.”

Owen gave him a hug. “We are going to keep trying to get you to live here permanently. We aren’t giving up.”

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Kyle helped load Aiden’s things into the car. “Can you tell us where he is going?”

He wasn’t really surprised when the woman shook her head.

“Please make sure he goes with people will be patient with him. He loves to read but has trouble with Math. He has a very active imagination and loves to tell stories.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Maynard. We will make sure he is put in the best home for him.

01-06-19_7-27-44 pm

Kyle wanted to tell her that she was taking him from the best home for him, but he knew that wouldn’t help.

He saw Owen, Andy, and Aiden come outside. He leaned down and hugged the boy. “You be a good boy, okay?”

The three of them stood together watching the car drive away.


6 thoughts on “3:62 Fight Song

  1. Child Protection Services and judges are terrible. They will send you back to parents who abuse and neglect you over and over again, because they think they know what’s best. It. They think it is best to keep the family together at all cost. What about the child rights? If the child is happy were he or she is, why can’t they just stay.

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    1. My sister has the opposite problem with CPS. They removed her kids from the house over something that happened to her daughter while at school. My sister has jumped through hoops and has done EVERYTHING they have told her to do in order to get her kids back. Six years later, the kids are still in foster care.


      1. I have heard of that happening, also. However, when a child gets on their knees and begs to stay at a safe house instead of going back with their parents that should sit of red flags. When the child weighs 35 pds at 8 years old and is around 4’6″. When the child shows up with bruises over 50% of their body. When the child screams and runs and hides behind the house parents when parents come to visit. Then they send said child back to the parents drug house 5 times or more before the child is finally taken away for good. CPS is not for the child. Sorry this is a sensitive subject.

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